Hosting Package

For those who like to entertain: local terroir from delicious beef and pork cuts, with proportionally more prime cuts (steaks and loin cuts) than in the Family Package.

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Family Package

Our best value pack of all cuts of beef and pork — great stew meats, lovely roasts, and excellent burger, with some prime cuts for special occasions.

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Beef Only Package

For those who prefer beef only, a selection of steaks, braise/roast cuts, and ground beef. CNY beef, raised on pasture, finished with locally-produced grain, and delivered to your community.

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Burger & Go Package

Brain food!! Ideal for the life on the go: all ground meat, quick, easy, versatile, but still grown the old-fashioned way. Choose a beef pack and pork pack combo; or just packs of ground beef.

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Know Your Cuts

Each cow provides a variety of cuts. Some cuts are more prevalent than others. Please keep this in mind when purchasing CSA Packages. For more information, see individual product pages for cut percentages.