Package Details

This Package is made for life on the go: quick, easy, versatile – and it’s great meat!  -raised on a nearby farm, and processed one animal at a time. The Burger & Go Package is made up entirely of 1-lb packs of ground meat – ground beef, unseasoned ground pork, seasoned ground pork and pork sausage in bulk. You can opt for a combo of ground beef packs and ground pork packs (about 60%/40% ground beef packs/ground pork packs); or packs of ground beef only. See the Package Comparison chart below for proportions.

4-month subscription: Beef & Pork Packs: 15 lbs/mo at $5.60/lb = $84 per month
Beef Packs Only: 15 lbs/mo at $6.00/lb = $90 per month
1-month only order: Beef & Pork Packs: 15 lbs/mo at $6.20/lb = $93 per month
Beef Packs Only: 15 lbs/mo at $6.60/lb = $99 per month

Membership details

Pick-ups are on the first Tuesday of every month, at Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market or at an alternate CSA pick-up time at Three Goat Farm. Order deadline is midnight on the 27th of the month before. All payments are through PayPal. Complete details are on the How It Works page.

1-Month-at-a-Time Membership.  An easy way to try out our CSA and our great Madison County meat. Also an easy way to change your package choice from one month to the next.

4-Month Subscription Membership. The Subscription is a four-month commitment, with automatic payments through PayPal. We have a 100% Satisfaction policy (we’ll replace any cut you’re not happy with). As it is a multi-month process to get your meat from field to table (see the FAQs for more information), we have an Early Cancellation policy of 50% of your product package price.

With each 4-Month subscription, you will receive a complimentary 2-lb. package of Burger Patties.

  • Compare our Packages

  • Prime CutsPrime Cuts
  • Stew & RoastsStew & Roasts
  • Ground MeatGround Meat
  • Hosting

  • 15 lbs./Month

  • Prime Cuts7 lbs.
  • Stew & Roasts5 lbs.
  • Ground Meat3 lbs.
  • TOTAL15 lbs.
  • Family

  • 15 lbs./Month

  • Prime Cuts4 lbs.
  • Stew & Roasts5 lbs.
  • Ground Meat6 lbs.
  • TOTAL15 lbs.
  • Burger & Go

  • 15 lbs./Month

  • Prime Cuts
  • Stew & Roasts
  • Ground Meat15 lbs.
  • TOTAL15 lbs.
  • Beef Only

  • 15 lbs./Month

  • Prime Cuts4 lbs.
  • Stew & Roasts6 lbs.
  • Ground Meat5 lbs.
  • TOTAL15 lbs.