Here are the specifics of How It Works: (Please remember the cutoff date of each month is the 27th)

The First Step. Place your order for either one month or four months’ of deliveries.

1. Select one of the four Member Share options. If you opt for a four-month subscription, this will be the share you get for the next four months.  And if you opt for a 1-month-at-a-time membership, this will be the share you get this month. (On the Store page, you can click the Package Details button for detailed information about each of the Member Share options.)

  1. Family – a 15-lb mix of beef cuts and pork cuts
  2. Hosting – a 15-lb mix of beef cuts and pork cuts
  3. Burger – choose either a 15-lb mix of ground beef and ground pork packs, or 15 lbs of ground beef only
  4. Beef Only – a 15-lb mix of beef cuts

2. Tell us where you’ll pick-up your order. Our current pick-up locations are our Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market Store in Manlius and Three Goat Farm in Westmoreland. However, if that does not work for you we will try our hardest to make other arrangements with you. After you have placed your order send us an email and we will start working on your situation.

The Second Step. Payment. 

  • If you are a new member, you will sign up via a credit card payment (processed through Stripe). Your base monthly payment will be determined by your choice of Member Share, and your card will automatically be charged monthly. The 4-month subscription is a four-month commitment, and you will automatically be charged monthly on Stripe, for four months.
  • The deadline for Member sign-up is midnight of the 27th on the month before your pick-up date.
  • After receiving your Member Share for four months (or for a 1-month-only), you can “re-up” for another membership, an abbreviated process. At this point you also have the opportunity to change your Member Share (i.e., from Family to Hosting, or from Family to Burger, etc).

The Third Step. Pick Up Your Order.

  • A few days before your selected pick-up day, we will send you a reminder e-mail
  • On the appointed day, you simply drive to the pick-up location, where your order will be packed up in an insulated tote bag, waiting for you. You can visit with our Market staff, exchange news and gossip, and depart at your leisure; or you can grab your bag and head home for dinner.

Questions? There are lots of ways to get your questions answered. Go to the FAQ page for answers to questions about Ordering, Cancelling, or Forgetting (i.e., forgetting to pick up your order). Go to the Contact Us page to email us, or you can call us at: 315-447-7748